The Dancers is a two-sided 9x5 foot India ink on paper work.  We conceived the initial composition by positioning Martha Graham Dancer Lauren Newman around the canvases and loosely tracing her form.  One sees how her body contributed to the final pieces in the two super-imposed photographs.  I used Art Studio on the iPad to draw on the canvas with a projector in order to work out the aesthetic of the paintings. (If you are on a mobile device you can swipe through the slides.)

  • The Dancers, Side 1, India Ink on Paper, 9ft x 5ft

  • The Dancers, Side 2, India Ink on Paper, 9ft x 5ft

  • Lauren Posing for Side 1, Super Imposed Photo

  • Lauren Posing for Side 2, Super Imposed Photo

  • Digital Projection Study 1

  • Digital Projection Study 2

  • Digital Projection Study 3